Teachers are amazing. They spend their days inspiring, motivating, encouraging and preparing our children for the future. Many times, they go above and beyond their contractual responsibilities to help their students find success, and they do this without asking for special recognition or rewards. They are increasingly asked to do more with less as the demands placed on them grow each year. Still they show up each day and give it their all. That is amazing. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of teachers who are feeling the pressure of this demanding profession, and they are losing that enthusiasm they once had for teaching. That is where Teach Happier can help. Sam Rangel knows firsthand of the demands and frustrations of a school teacher. He taught 22 years in a middle school. His website, SuccessInTheClassroom.com, offers tips and strategies for new and soon-to-be teachers. In Teach Happier, Sam shares 21 practical strategies from his research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology that will help teachers invite more happiness into their lives, and as a result find more success and make a greater difference in the lives of their students.



The teacher interview doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary, especially if you know what the members of the interview panel are looking for. This book helps to give you an insight into the minds of the school administrators who are looking to hire new teachers. Written by an Assistant Principal, How to Nail the Teacher Interview, will help you be better prepared and confident for the interview that will change your life forever.


Life is good. 

In spite of what we have been led to believe, we have so much to be grateful for. Still, many of us walk around stressed, frustrated and desiring a little more happiness in our lives. We focus more on all that is going wrong in our day, and we stop smiling, and we begin to stress. We get angry or worried or in some cases, depressed. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

In Living Happier – 21 Life-changing Strategies Designed to Invite More Happiness and Success into Every Area of Your Life, Sam Rangel shares some easy-to-follow strategies to help you live a happier more successful life using research from the areas of positive psychology and neuroscience. 

In his book, Sam draws from his 30-year career as an educator to simplify how our complex brain works to keep us stressed out and unhappy as part of its natural programming, and then, he provides us with 21 practical strategies that we can implement to counteract our brain’s programming so we can keep stress and other negative feelings from taking us away from that successful life that we want. 

Learn more at LivingHappierBook.com




La vida es buena.

A pesar de lo que nos han hecho creer, tenemos mucho que agradecer. Aún así, muchos de nosotros caminamos estresados, frustrados y deseando un poco más de felicidad en nuestras vidas. Nos enfocamos más en todo lo que está yendo mal en nuestros días, y dejamos de sonreír, y comenzamos a estresarnos. Nos enojamos o nos preocupamos o, en algunos casos, estamos deprimidos.

¡No tiene por qué ser así!

En Vivir Mas Feliz: 21 Estrategias Diseñadas para Atraer más Felicidad y Éxito a Toda Área de tu Vida, Samuel Rangel comparte algunas estrategias fáciles de seguir para ayudarle a vivir una vida más feliz y exitosa, utilizando los estudios en las áreas de la psicología positiva y neurociencia.

En su libro, Samuel se basa en su carrera de 30 años como educador para simplificar la forma en que funciona nuestro cerebro complejo para mantenernos estresados e infelices como parte de su programación natural, y luego, nos ofrece 21 estrategias prácticas que podemos implementar para contrarrestar la programación de nuestro cerebro, para que podamos evitar que el estrés y otros sentimientos negativos nos alejen de la vida exitosa que deseamos.

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